Exchange studies

Exchange studies provide international experience and new perspectives, in addition you get increased language skills and the opportunity to get to know another culture. As a student you have many opportunities to study abroad via one of the university's exchange agreements.

The Department of Sociology has three exchange agreements of its own, one with The Max Weber Institute for Sociology at Heidelberg University in Germany, one with The Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in the Czech Republic and one with the University of Trento in Italy. Through these agreements, you can deepen and broaden your knowledge in the subject of sociology. For more information about our agreements and how to apply, contact our international coordinator

For those of you who are from other foreign universities, Uppsala University also has general exchange agreements with about 150 partner universities worldwide. These agreements are managed by the Unit for International Mobility. Through them, you can come on an exchange and the studies are not limited to the sociology subject.

Last modified: 2022-11-30