Study Counsellors at the Department of Sociology

The department's study counselors are available during the specified telephone hours below. There is the possibility of study guidance via telephone, e-mail, physical meetings or digital meetings via zoom. Here is information on how to download Zoom if you do not already have it installed. We recommend you to send an e-mail if you want to book a longer appointment.

door leading to sociology

You can contact the counselor when you need advice on studying at the department or study guidance, information about study and career choices, advice on study habits and about possible problems with the studies, etc.

If you booked a time but cannot attend, please remember to cancel the meeting by phone or email. Please find contact information below.

For questions not directly related to the Department of Sociology there is the Student Services and Study Counsellors and Career Office

Telephone hours and contact


The Study Counselors have a joint e-mail address where you can reach us: 

If you want to call, you can reach us most certainly by phone: 
Monday - Thursday at 10-12

We have guidance via e-mail, telephone, physical meetings or via the digital meeting tool Zoom.

We who work with study guidance are:

Katriina Östensson
Phone: 018-471 15 05

Shilan Segerbäck 
Phone: 018-471 57 22

Postal and visiting addresses:

Postal address:
Uppsala university
Department of Sociology
Box 624
751 26 Uppsala

Visiting address:
Thunbergsvägen 3H

Special Needs and Extra Support

The disability coordinators If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can contact the disability coordinators. 

Other resources

The Language Workshop offer consultations about written and oral presentations on an individual basis in both Swedish and English.

The Student Health Services has a team of specialists: psychologists, counsellors, therapists, a nurse and doctors, all with the focus on student related health issues. So, if life is tough, you have started missing exams or just need someone to talk to, they are here for you.

Someone to talk to

The University chaplaincy aim to create spaces and venues where you get the opportunity to meet other people and share experiences of life and faith. They are bound by confidentiality and accept everyone, regardless of belief, sexual orientation and gender identity or ethnicity.

Equal opportunities: Our aim is that UU will be an inclusive and safe study environment and workplace. You can read more about discrimination or victimisation at the university student web

At the Department of Sociology, you can contact our working environment group if you have questions or want to discuss something that has happened.

Last modified: 2023-06-13