Sociology at other departments and centers

Sociologi at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF)

Houses in the Ekonmikum-park in UppsalaThe sociological research agenda at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF) consists of topics such as: social structures (class, gender, ethnicity, and age, mainly) in relation to housing, urban dynamics and welfare policies and practices; social movements and urban activism; urban policies and planning; social needs and demands for housing; socio-spatial and educational segregation; migration; gentrification; the social use of public spaces; and labour markets. The Urban Sociology Research Group consists, above all, of all the members of the IBF that participate at the Department of Sociology on a regular basis –through teaching, research, seminars, supervision, and administration. Read more about the group.

Sociology of Education

Book-shelves in the Carolina-library in UppsalaSociology of Education and Culture (SEC) is since 1997 a research unit at Uppsala University. The members represent various disciplines in the social sciences and humanities and are affiliated with different departments at Uppsala and some other universities. It is currently directed by Mikael Börjesson, Professor in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University, Donald Broady, Professor emeritus in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University, and Marta Edling, Professor in Art History at Södertörn University. Main research domains are cultural fields, sociology and history of education, transnationalisation, and elites.

Sociology of Religion

Uppsala CathedralThe sociology of religion study the social meaning of religion. Accordingly, the sociology of religion does not interpret a specific religious tradition, but seeks to contribute to knowledge about the social meaning of all religions. In practice, this mean inquiries about what influences people’s views on religion (such as media, education, values or upbringing) or the conditions of religion (such as relations between organizations and traditions or laws, policies or discourses). Sociologists of religion at the Department of Theology at Uppsala University are specialized in fields such as media and religion and also young people’s religion. Read more about sociology of religion at Uppsala University and find contact details to active researchers.

Sociology of Literature

Old booksThe Section for Sociology of Literature at the Department of Literature was founded in 1965 by Lars Furuland. Since 1993, Johan Svedjedal is the head of the section. The ambition for sociology of literature in Uppsala has been to highlight the whole literary process – the literature’s routes and conditions through authors, publishers, bookstores, etcetera – and combine analysis of the literary system and the literary works. A large part of the research has been devoted to forgotten and marginalized literary forms, for example proletarian literature, popular literature, children- and youth literature, emigrant literature, and amateur literature. Read a more thorough presentation of the perspective of sociology of literature and different research contributions within the subject

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