At the Department of Sociology there are two active seminar series: The higher seminar and Identifying the current state of Sociology. For more information and schedule for each seminar see below.

The Higher Seminar

The Higher Seminar is the Department of Sociology’s central academic meeting place, where both national and international scholars are invited to present their research. The Higher Seminar also includes the first-year, half-time and final seminars of our doctoral students.

Please contact the Chair of the Higher Seminar, Minoo Alinia, if you are interested in presenting your current research at this forum.

The usual time for the seminar is 15:30-17 and the usual venue is the Segerstedt-room (2-1026).

For information about upcoming higher seminars, see the department's calendar

Seminar – Identifying the current state of Sociology


To open a dialogue about the current state of Sociology: Limitations and problems as well as tendencies that tell us something about future potentials.


Seminars – One of the participants makes a short introduction (20-25 minutes) to a previously decided theme or problem.


The seminar invites people that through studies, research, teaching, tuition and so on have felt a need for such a dialogue.

When and where?

The seminars usually take place the last Monday each month at 4 pm in the Torgny Segerstedt Room E2-1026. The seminar program is announced on the web site of the Sociology department.


Time: 16-18

Room: Torgny Segerstedt-rummet  Eng 2-1026

Coordinator: Mats Franzén

Last modified: 2022-12-22