Publications and conference presentations


Peer-reviewed articles (in English) authored by Welfare research group members (names underlined):         

Atkinson S., Bradby, H. Gadebusch Bondio M., Hallberg A., Macnaugthon J. & Söderfeldt Y. (2021)  ‘Seeing the value of experiential knowledge through COVID-19’History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences. Volume 43, Article number 85.

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Bradby, B., Hamed, S., Thapar-Björkert, S. & Maina Ahlberg, B. (2021) ‘Designing an education intervention for Understanding racism in healthcare in Sweden – development and implementation of anti-racist strategies through shared knowledge production and evaluation.’ Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.

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Grimell, J. (2021). I-position as a tool to advance the understanding of pastors and deacons who navigate contrasting identities as chaplains: A narrative analysisJournal of Health Care Chaplaincy

Grimell, J. (2021). From theory to practice when presenting core features of a Swedish hospital chaplaincy-identity: A case study analysis. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

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Terraneo M., Lombi L. & Bradby H. (2021) ‘Perception of risk and depressive symptoms during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: a web-based cross country comparative survey.’ Sociology of Health and Illness 43: 1660–1681.

Peer-reviewed articles (in Swedish) authored by Welfare research group members (names underlined):

Iversen, C., Redmalm, D., Flinkfeldt, M. & Persson, M. (2021). En människa bland andra? Äldre människors begripliggörande av vardagen under covid-19-krisen. Sociologisk forskning. 58(1–2): 53-76.

Olaison, A; Knechtel, M; Torres, S; Forssell, E. (2021). Dokumentationens roll för klientskapande processer i äldreinriktat socialt arbete. Spelar utlandsfödd bakgrund, kön och ålder någon roll? Sociologisk forskning, 58(3): 287-310; 

Peer-reviewed articles (in Persian) authored by Welfare research group members (names underlined):

Alinia, M. (2021). Black feminist thought: Thinking oppression and resistance thorough intersectional paradigm [originally published in Ethnic and Racial Studies, 2015, Translation into Persian by Mahtab Hatami Taher] Naghd (Kritik). پیرامون اندیشه فمینیستی سیاه: تاملی در باب سلطه و مقاومت به میانجی پارادایم تقاطعی

Book chapters (in English) authored by Welfare research group members (names underlined):

Torres, S. (2021). Introduction: Framing Civic exclusion. In: Walsh, K.; Scharf, T.; Van Regenmortel, S. & Wanka, A. (Eds.) Social Exclusion in Later Life: Interdisciplinary and Policy Perspectives. International Perspectives on Aging, Volume 28. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-51406-8. p. 239-243.

Torres S. & Lindblom J. (2021) Migrants in Media Representations of Elder Care: Ambivalent Sentiments. In: Repetti M., Calasanti T., Phillipson C. (eds) Ageing and Migration in a Global Context. Life Course Research and Social Policies, vol 13. Springer, Cham. 

Books and book chapters (in Swedish) :

Bradby, H. & Torres, S. (2021). Hälsoojämlikheter i ljuset av välfärds- och invandringspolitiken. I S. Torres, & F. Magnusson, (Eds). Äldrevård och omsorg i migrationens tidevarv. Lund: Studentlitteratur, p. 119-144.

Grimell, J. (2021). De osynliga krigarna i fredssamhället: En intervjustudie om svenska utlandsveteraners liv med PTSD, moraliska skador och militära identiteter. Skellefteå: Artos Academic.

Grimell, J. (2021). Uniformer, identiteter och militära själavårdare: En intervjustudie om prästers erfarenheter av institutionssjälavård i Försvarsmakten. Skellefteå: Artos Academic.

Grimell, J. (2021). En nutidsinblick i militär själavård på liv och död. Andreas Sandberg (red.), Nyckeln till Svenska kyrkan (s. 72–83). 

Grimell, J. (2021). Påverkar uppdraget som sjukhussjälavårdare identiteter och i så fall på vilka sätt? Andreas Sandberg (red.), Nyckeln till Svenska kyrkan (s. 84–95). Stockholm: Åtta.45 Tryckeri AB. 

Olaison, A., Torres, S. & Forssell, E. (2021). Äldre i biståndshandläggningsdokumentation: hur beskrivs invandrarskapet? I S. Torres, & F. Magnusson, (Eds). Äldrevård och omsorg i migrationens tidevarv. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Torres, S & Lindblom. (2021). Framställningar av invandrare i dagstidningar. I S. Torres & F. Magnusson, (Eds). Äldrevård och omsorg i migrationens tidevarv. Lund: Studentlitteratur, p. 85-101.

Torres, S. & Magnusson, F. (Eds). (2021). Äldreomsorgen i migrationens tidevarv (Elderly Care in the Era of Migration). Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Torres, S & Magnusson, F. (2021). Invandrarskapets betydelse för äldrevård och äldreomsorg. I S. Torres & F. Magnusson, (Eds). Äldrevård och omsorg i migrationens tidevarv. Lund: Studentlitteratur, p. 15-32.

Book reviews (in English) authored by Welfare research group members (names underlined):

Alinia, M. (2021) Book review. “Race and The Rhetoric of Resistance”Ethnic and Racial Studies

Conference presentations made by Welfare research group members (named underlined):

Flinkfeldt, M., & Höglund, F. (2021). Gender and equality-promoting communicative practice in state welfare representatives’ interactions with new parents about parental leave. Presentation given at the 15th European Sociological Association Conference (ONLINE), held in 31 August-3 September.

Höglund, F., & Flinkfeldt, M. (2021). De-gendering parents: Welfare professionals’ use of non-gendered references in interactions with clients. Presentation given at the 2nd Conversation Analysis and Social Work Conference (ONLINE), held in 14 December.

Iversen, C. (2021). Being personal in online suicide helpline counselling. 2nd Conversation Analysis and Social Work Conference (ONLINE)

Iversen, C. Flinkfeldt, M, Redmalm, D. & Persson, M. (2021). Older People’s Approaches to Trust in Adjusting or Re-Evaluating Everyday Life. 15th ESA Conference, Barcelona (ONLINE).

Iversen, C. & Kevoe-Feldman, H. (2021) Crossing over: When emergency calls turn into emotional support and suicide helpline calls become urgent cases. 17th International Pragmatics Conference Winterthur, Switzerland: International Pragmatics Association (IPrA) (ONLINE)

Kaya G. & Mathieu C. (2021). Art creation, social support, and mental well-being: Evidence from the UK Household Longitudinal Study.  Paper presented at the Sociology of Art Seminar Series #4, Uppsala University and Lund University, November 2021,

Kaya G. & Mathieu C. (2021). Artistic and leisure production and consumption and wellbeing among Swedish school children.  Paper presented at the Sociology of Art Seminar Series, Nordic Sociological Association, February 2021.

Kaya, G. (2021). Data analysis and using theory in R for sociological researches: Opportunities and challengesWhy R?. Turkey, 2021 

Olaison, A; Knechtel, M; Torres, S. & Forssell, E. (2021) Categorization practices in needs assessment documentation within elderly care: Do foreign born background, gender and age matter? Paper presented at 10th ECSWR European Conference for Social Work Research May 5-7, in Bucharest, Romania & ONLINE.

Torres, S. (2021). Caring democracy: the role that theoretically astute understandings of ethnicity and race must play (KEYNOTE address for the 2nd Interdisciplinary Doctoral Symposium organized by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Aging and Care (CIRAC) at the University of Graz, Austria, October 19 – 20, ONLINE)

Torres, S. (2021). Old age social exclusion: why shall we care about this? (Invited presentation to the Symposium entitled ‘Biological, clinical and socio-behavioral gerontological updates in Europe’ organized by IAGG E-Conference, June 22-23, ONLINE).

Torres, S. (2021). Ethnicity and race in access and usage of health and social care: results from a scoping review. Paper presented at 73rd Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, November 10-13, ONLINE.

Torres, S. (2021). Social exclusion in health and social care services offered to minority patients: does racialization and racism play a role?. Paper presented at the Int’l. Association of Sociology’s ISA FORUM, February 23-28, 2021, ONLINE

Torres, S. (2021). Racism: an ism that the debate on old age social exclusion needs to take into account. Paper presented at the European Sociological Association’s Research Network on Ageing in Europe (RN01) Midterm Conference, January 20-22, ONLINE.

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