Encountering Vulnerability: Exploring Everyday Interaction in Sheltered Housing

Primary investigator: Richard Gäddman Johansson

Grants: The project is funded via a faculty financed position awarded to the Department of Sociology by Uppsala University’s Faculty of Social Science

This thesis project focuses on care and service work, relationships and vulnerability in everyday interaction among residents and personnel in sheltered housing accommodations. The thesis project centers around fieldwork conducted in group homes and sheltered housing arrangements for persons who are granted support and special services in accordance with the Swedish Disability Act, commonly known as the Law concerning Support and Services for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS, 1993:387). The thesis aspires to develop our sociological understanding of vulnerability in interaction, building on the notion that vulnerability is something that people are confronted with and necessarily have to manage by different means in everyday encounters. More concrete, this thesis seeks to contribute theoretical knowledge regarding significance of vulnerability for the creation and maintaining of professional care and service relationships. In addition, the thesis seeks to contribute empirical knowledge regarding how residents and personnel in sheltered housing are confronted with and jointly manage vulnerability in the everyday encounters of service provision. 

Advisors: Stina Bergman Blix and Ilkka Henrik Mäkinen.