Strengthen Community Based Care to minimize health inequalities and improve the integration of vulnerable migrants and refugees into local communities (MigHealthCare)

Primary investigator in Sweden: Professor Hannah Bradby (Department of Sociology, Uppsala University).

Collaborators:  Sarah Hamed (PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University) and senior lecturer Adele Lebano (Department of Sociology, Uppsala University).

Project lead: Pania Karnaki, Prolepsis Institute, Kifisia, Greece.

Funding: This project is funded by the European Commission consumers, health, agriculture and food executive agency health programme.  

Duration: March 2017- May 2020.

Project description: The project maps existing provision of interventions to improve the physical and mental health and healthcare for vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers in nine European counties, including Sweden, to support integration and reduce health inequalities.

Using focus group discussions with key stake holders in the provision of health and social care for refugees and asylum seekers, the challenges and possibilities will be mapped. The potential for developing such services in local social settings will be explored.

Based on material developed from the focus group discussions, a survey will be designed for refugees and asylum seekers to ensure that their own views and experiences are included in the development of services.

Finally a social care model will be implemented as a pilot scheme in various settings (but not in Sweden) in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the care provided. 

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Publications (in English):

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