The resilience and accountability of the welfare state

Principal Investigator: Prof. Matilda Hellman (Uppsala University, Department of Sociology)

Period: 2017- ongoing

Funding: e.g. Danmarks frie forskningsråd; Independent Research Fund Denmark (1132-00002B), Lotteries Act §52, Ministry for Social and Health, Finland.

Description: This project focuses on the resilience of the welfare state and its collaboration, and social investments. During the years 2023-2024, this will be studied in terms of 1) how the welfare state integrates ideas of social investments through visions of collaboration and synchronization of horizontal services. This sub-study is part of a Nordic social investment project led by the Danish researcher Ditte Andersen (Vive). The second part of the project examines 2) the Nordic welfare state as a social theory in itself.

Last modified: 2023-12-15