The struggle for Muslimness in Sweden - Examining Muslim collective identity struggles and claims amidst the state of stigma and securitization

Primary investigator: Ahmad El Far, MSsc (Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Social Work, Uppsala University).

Funder: Department of Social Work, Uppsala University

Project description: The aim of this Ph.D. dissertation is to examine and conceptualize the collective identity struggles and claims of Swedish Muslims amidst the current climate of stigma and repression that is targeting Muslim identities, practices and institutions. Current research establishes the stigmatized position of Muslims in the Western societies they have become part of. The securitization of Muslim communities throughout Europe has evidently created challenges for Muslims to exercise their Muslim identity. However, the existent research tends not to go deeper in examining the ways in which Muslims - at a collective level - feel hindered in exercising their Muslim identity and the collective claims of Swedish Muslims vis-a-vi the Swedish majority society in regard of Identity recognition and accommodation. This thesis sets thus out to answer the essential questions of; What aspects of being a Muslim in Sweden do Muslims find challenging? And how do Muslims relate to these challenges? Also, what do Swedish-Muslims want from their societies? And what are the challenges faced by Muslims in having their claims acknowledged by Majority society? It is these questions that the thesis will try to answer by conducting a digital ethnography in one of Sweden's largest internet forums for and by Muslims and by conducting in-depth interviews with a selection of Muslim civil society leaders that represent a variety of prominent Muslim civil society organizations.

Advisors to dissertation: Dr Kristina Engwall & Prof. Stefan Sjöström (Department of Social Work, Uppsala University)

Last modified: 2023-12-15