Child and Youth Participation/ Involvement in Social Child Care

Primary investigator: Karin Alexandersson, Ph.D.

Grants: Five municipalities in Dalarna and Allmänna Barnhuset

Timespan: Fall of 2011 - to February 2014

This practitioner oriented project is carried out in cooperation between seven regional research and development departments in cooperation with Allmänna Barnahuset (ABH), which conceived and oversees the project. During the first year, practitioners and researchers will meet to develop methods and structures for registering their viewpoints and experiences of children and young people which can be incorporated into Social Services' work with children and families. These methods will be tested during phase II which will be finished in the Fall of 2013. Dr. Alexandersson manages the project in the five municipalities in Dalarna and is contracted by Allmänna Barnahuset, together with the scientific director Dr. Ulf Hyvönen from Umeå. Their task is to describe the work in a book to be published in ABH’s report series.