Children in Addiction Environments

Primary investigator: Karin Alexandersson, Ph.D.

Grants: Swedish Public Health Institute [Folkhälsoinstitutet]

Timespan: December 2012 - March 2015

The aim of this project is to improve the support available to children, youth and to parents in their role as parents. Interviews will be carried out with children and parents in families where one or both parents have or have had problems with abuse of drugs or alcohol. We want to know the opinions of parents and children in these families concerning what is difficult, what kind of support they need and what form this support should take. The interviews will, together with previous research and practical experience, lay the foundation for a research circle where social child care professionals meet professionals in adult drug abuse or addiction care and together formulate suggestions for the improvement of the support that it is offered to children, youth and parents who are abated by alcohol or drug abuse. The experiences that the project documents will be made available to other municipalities and city councils.