Older people, new media

Primary investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres (Uppsala University)

Collaborator: Dr. Magdalena Kania-Lundholm (Uppsala University)

Grants: Uppsala University’s Faculty of Social Sciences

This project departs from the debate on the ‘digital divide’ within media and communications and the numerous assumptions about users and non-users of digital media that this debate makes. In terms of policy the project departs from the challenges associated with digitalization as far as social citizenship and inclusion is concerned. Both of these points of departure identify older people as particularly vulnerable now that our society has become digitalized at such an incredible speed. The project focuses therefore at the moment on older active users of digital media (but we plan to expand our focus to older non-users of this media if external financing is secured). The project explores older people’s experiences of digital media against the backdrop that understandings of old age and aging entail. As such, the project can be found at the intersection between the sociology of media and the sociology of aging.   


Kania-Lundholm, M. & Torres, S. (2018). Ideology, power and inclusion: using the critical perspective to study how older ICT users make sense of digitization. Media, Culture and Society, 40(8): 1167-1185; https://doi.org/10.1177/0163443718781983

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