The labor market and educational effects of gender transitioning in Sweden

Primary Investigator: Dr. Emma von Essen (Department of Sociology, Uppsala Universitet)

Collaborators: Dr. Ylva Moberg (the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University), Dr. Lucas Tilley (the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University) and Prof. Ian Burn (Liverpool University, United Kingdom)

Funder: The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council (known as VR in Swedish), while the data utilized in the project has been purchased through funding by The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (known as KVA in Swedish).

Duration: July 2023 – December 2026

Project description: 

The project aims to increase the understanding of the health, labor market, and educational effects of going through a transition process in Sweden while studying the interlinkage of two theoretical modalities of oppression: one based on gender and another on being trans. To this end, we use data on the whole population of Sweden over the period 1973-2020. 

Last modified: 2023-12-15