Ongoing projects - Inequality

The different aspects of health: Relations between mortality, morbidity, functional status and subjective health in European populations
Primary investigator: Professor Ilkka Henrik Mäkinen.

The structure of health in Europe: The relationships between morbidity, functional limitation, and subjective health
Primary investigator: PhD Candidate Aija Duntava.

Digital daily activity centres: The digital leap triggered by Covid-19 and its future consequences for individuals with intellectual disabilities
Primary investigator: Kristina Engwall, PhD.

Is palliative care equal? A register study of differences in care between Swedish-born and foreign-born dying patients
Primary investigator: Pernilla Ågård, PhD.

The method and model of IBIC (The Individual´s needs in focus): a critical perspective
Primary investigator: Kristina Engwall, PhD.

Matching in practice – how to find the right foster family home for the right child
Primary investigator: Ann-Sofie Bergman, PhD. Collaborator: Kristina Engwall, PhD & Miia Bask, PhD.

Starved to death? Exploring the care of 'untidy uneducable feebleminded' patients at Vipeholm asylum
Primary Investigator: Elin Bommenel, PhD (Lund University). Collaborator: Kristina Engwall, PhD.

Labor market inclusion in theory and practice: The Labor Market Effects of Gender Dysphoria: Evidence from Sweden
Project leader for the project on Gender Dysphoria: Emma von Essen, PhD.

The labor market and educational effects of gender transitioning in Sweden  
Primary Investigator: Dr. Emma von Essen.

CIVEX: Exclusion from Civic Engagement of a Diverse Older Population: Features, Experiences, and Policy Implications
Primary Investigator for CIVEX: Dr. Rodrigo Serrat (University of Barcelona)
Project leader for the Swedish team: Prof. Sandra Torres (Department of Sociology, Uppsala University).

Manifestations of Inequality in the Post-Industrial Labor Market
Primary investigator: Karin Kristensson, MSsc.

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