Ongoing projects - Urban Sociology Research Group

Searching for sustainable alternatives in a time of crisis. Funded by: FORMAS. PI: Dominika V. Polanska.   

School choice reforms implementation and long term consequences for individuals´ social mobility. Funded by: Vetenskapsrådet. PI: Susanne Urban.

Renovation and participation: towards an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable Million Program? Funded by: FORMAS. PI: Håkan Thörn. Researchers: Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska.

Displacement and renoviction in housing renewal processes in Sweden – an intersectional feminist perspective. Funded by: FORMAS. PI: Irene Molina. Researcher: Dominika V. Polanska.

Outcomes of Post-15M Urban Movements and Local Governance in Spain. Funded by: GRF Hong Kong. Co-PI: Miguel A. Martínez.

Squatting and Urban Commons.  PI: Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska.

Urban Struggles for the Right to the City and Urban Commons in Brazil and Europe. Funded by: STINT-CAPES. PI: Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska.

Remembering Gubbängen. Working class culture transformed: The generation of the 1950's and the Modernist city. PI: Mats Franzén