When the Social Insurance Agency must deal with new social problems: Maintenance support case officers’ strategies to assess and respond to intimate partner violence

Primary investigator: Stina Fernqvist, Centre for Social work, Uppsala University. 

Co-PI: Marie Flinkfeldt, Centre for Social work, Uppsala University. 

Participating reseachers: Helena Tegler, Centre for Social work, Uppsala University. 

Funding: the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Duration: 2020-2022.

Project description: This study investigates how the Swedish Social Insurance Agency deals with issues related to intimate partner violence as a basis for granting maintenance support. We examine recorded customer service phone calls from separated parents, investigating how experiences of violence and conflict are brought up and how social insurance officers respond. The results are used to inform practice and improve training to facilitate a better uptake of violence-related problems.

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Last modified: 2021-06-27