Developing and validating a method for assessment of children's caring activities in child protection assessments

Primary investigator: Ulrika Järkestig Berggren, Linnaeus University.

Participating researchers: Ann-Sofie Bergman, Uppsala University, Kerstin Arnesson, Mats Anderberg and Johanna Thulin, Linnaeus University.

Funding: Forte.

Duration: 2020-2024.

Project description: This project is focused on developing a support method for assessing children’s caregiving responsibilities in child protection. Children’s caring is conducted in the context of that the family has unmet needs and that the children’s caring may affect children’s health, attendance at school and their transition into adulthood. Taking on a high degree of caring responsibilities is recognised in child protection as a risk factor. However, there is no support method for social workers in child protection investigation to use in doing child interview or assess the seriousness of the caring for the child. The aim of the study is therefore to develop, test and implement a method in the form of a questionnaire for the assessment of the extent and outcome of children’s caring responsibilities in their family. Also, the study will set a focus on children’s caring duties related to violence. For the practice-base project social workers from participating municipalities, non-governmental organisations and professional expertise from Alternative to Violence together with researcher will form a reference group. The group is part of the work process in which a questionnaire is developed and tested. In the first step questions are developed concerning violence-related caring together with children. In the next step the questionnaire is tested by social workers and children for applicability, acceptance and validity. The results from the test are used to revise the questionnaire. In the final part the questionnaire is implemented for use by social workers doing needs assessment in child protection.

Last modified: 2021-06-27