Past activities

Autumn 2022

23 August:
- Stina Lindegren, paper feedback “Developing new narrative identities: experiences of sex offender treatment”
- Planning for the coming year

13 September:
- Introduction for new PhD students 
- Discussion about methodology based on paper Braun, V., & Clarke, V. (2021). To saturate or not to saturate? Questioning data saturation as a useful concept for thematic analysis and sample-size rationales. Qualitative research in sport, exercise and health, 13(2), 201-216.  suggested by Stina L.

4 October:
- Discussion of theoretical paper:  Berggren, K., Gottzén, L., & Bornäs, H. (2020). Queering desistance: Chrononormativity, afterwardsness and young men’s sexual intimate partner violence. Criminology & Criminal Justice, 20(5), 604-616. suggested by Linn
- Brainstorming ideas for future research projects

25 October:
- Inspiration activity, arranged by Josefin and Stina F
- Paper feedback: Josefin Kjellberg: ”Socialarbetares förståelse & hantering av våldsutsatta kvinnors stödbehov”.

10-11 November:
- Retreat. Theme: “Reviewing and being reviewed”. Haga slott, outside Enköping
(Full day the 10th, end with lunch the 11th )

15 November: 
- Presentation: Markus Arvidson, Karlstad University. “Loyalty conflicts – sociological reflections”

6 December:
- Cancelled due to illness

Spring 2022

8 February (room Segerstedt and Zoom):
- Minissale, A. Legal Pathos, Morality and Justice: the Emotionality sustaining Legal Narratives (feedback on empirical chapter draft)
- Stina Bergman Blix: Presentation on Methods for exploring emotion (discussion about how to convert presentation into paper)

1 March (room Segerstedt and Zoom):
- Phil Creswell: Tips and tricks for research presentations
- Oral presentation with feedback: (dress rehearsal for Sociologidagarna and NaPSA)

5 April (room 3-2028 and Zoom):
-Data analysis workshop with two datasets from ongoing work
- Anna Khanukaeva: Interviews
- Petter Ingmarsson: Newspaper articles
- Post seminar with dinner at 17:00

26 April (room Segerstedt and Zoom):
- Don Weenink, University of Amsterdam, “The problem of ’nextness’ in emotionally intense interactions – social workers and police officers”

17 May (room 3-2028 and Zoom):
- Livia Johannesson, Score, Stockholm University, “Silence and Voice in Oral Hearings: How Time, Space, and Judges’ Demeanors Influence Claimants’ Speech in Asylum and Compulsory Care Hearings”

20 maj
Professor Gary Allan Fine, seminar, everyone welcome to dinner afterwards (OBS time: 14-15)

Autumn 2021

7 September: 
- Nordquist, Minissale, and Bergman Blix: “Living through the pandemic” (feedback on analysis)
- Methodological discussion – theme ‘emotional data’. Reading: Mia Eriksson ‘Doing violence: Some reflections on research, affects, and ethics’

28 September: 
- Stina Lindegren, Theoretical aspects of shame (datasession) 

7-8 October: 
- Retreat. Theme: “Presentation and Dialogue”

19 October (room 3-2028 and zoom):
- Scott, S. (2021). Surprise: a microsociological analysis. Emotion and Society. Online first. (theoretical discussion)
- Hopptornet/Ten meter tower (methodological discussion)

9 November (room Segerstedt and zoom)
- Irene van Oorschot, PhD and senior lecturer at Erasmus University College, Erasmus University Rotterdam. “The Law Multiple” (Presentation of research project)

30 November (room Segerstedt and zoom):
- Fernqvist, Flinkfelt and Tegler (paper feedback)

21 December (room 2-0024 and zoom)
- Application seminar

18 January (room Segerstedt and zoom)
- Anita Heber and Tea Fredriksson, Criminology Department, Stockholm University. “Män som brottsoffer? Tre perspektiv på offerskap under rättegångar” (Presentation of research project)

Spring 2021

19 January: 
- Joint with all research groups: Two senior academics with longstanding experience of research evaluation committees for Swedish funders – VR, Forte etc. will give short presentations on ‘top tips for putting together proposals that evaluate well’, followed by an open discussion with all participants.

9 February: 
- Max Persson, ”Det tysta vi:et” (paper feedback)
- Solveig Laugerud (presentation of PhD thesis)

2 March: 
- Thomas Dixon, "What is the History of Anger a History of?"
- Barbara H. Rosenwein, Angers Past and Present (intellectual discussion)

23 March: 
- Lina Lundström (presentation of PhD thesis)
- Analysing interaction: Video, ethnography and situated conduct (methods paper discussion)

13 April: 
- Cecilia Nordquist, "An Inherently Fragile Power Tool: A Conceptual Expansion of Emotional Capital in Court" (paper feedback)
- Nina Törnqvist (data session)

4 May: 
- Stina Fernqvist, Marie Flinkfeldt and Helena Tegler, ”Talking about violence” (paper feedback)
- Alessandra Minissale, “Legal encoding as emotion management: analyzing narrative transformation in court” (presentation feedback)

25 May: 
- Brainstorming activities

1 June: 
- ca 17:00: After work or dinner

Autumn 2020

1 September: 
- After work, short intro/info, informal socializing

22 September: 
- Marie Flinkfeldt, Stina Fernqvist and Helena Tegler, “Parents talking about violence with the Social Insurance Agency”: Project outline and data session
- Petter Ingemarsson and Linn Egeberg Holmgren: Inspirational activity 

5-6 October: 
-Retreat via Zoom (creative writing with Ann Eberstein and more)

22 October: 
- Alessandra Minissale, Method paper draft: paper feedback
- Methodological discussion

10 November:
- Yên Mai, “Cultivating the felt identity in activism”: paper feedback
- Hilda Näslund, Umeå University, “Personalising service user engagement: Entrepreneurs and membership organisations in the mental health sector”:  presentation of PhD thesis

1 December: 
- Hedvig Gröndal, Maritha Jacobsson and Stefan Sjöström, ”Myter om våldtäktsmyter”: paper feedback
- Åsa Wettergren, Moa Bladini, and Sara Uhnoo, University of Gothenburg, “Rape or consent? Effects of the new rape legislation on legal reasoning and practice”: presentation of research project

18 December (Note: Friday): 
- Emma Laurin: “long-term school absence” (hemmasittare)
- Followed by AW

19 January 2021: 
- Max Persson: paper feedback

Spring 2020

4 February: 
- Linda Arnell, Örebro university (presentation), "Violence of girls. Girls of violence. Discourses of violence, gender and femininity"
- Discussion about future activities and budget

25 February: 
- Draft proposals for VR (paper feedback)
- Clara Iversen (paper manuscript): Responding to hopelessness

17 March: 
- Elisabet Näsman (paper feedback): "Feelings and feeling strategies among vulnerable children"
- Maritha Jacobsson (data workshop): "Prosecutor and defense counselor strategies to distribute guilt in court interactions with victims of rape"

7 April: 
- Emma Laurin ( paper feedback or data workshop): "Mothers of children diagnosed with ADHD and autism"
- Petter Ingemarsson ( paper feedback): "Becoming a football hooligan – the process of joining a football firm"

28 April: 
- Draft proposals for Forte’s 2nd stage (grant application)
- Stefan Sjöström (paper feedback): "Tensions between crime solving and supporting the victim in male rape – experiences of victims and police investigators"

19 May: 
- Vessela Misheva (paper feedback): "On the Evolution of Moral Emotions: Shame and Guilt"
- Nina Törnqvist (paper feedback): "Drizzling sympathy: sympathy flows and ideal victims in Swedish courts"

9 June: 
- Stina Bergman Blix (paper feedback): title TBA 
- Stina Lindegren (paper feedback): "Sexual offenders’ Self-reports and Therapists’ Ratings of Change in Criminogenic needs Post-treatment: a Pilot study of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s Treatment Programme - Seif"

Autumn 2019

17 September:
- Alexandra Macht, “Performing the Repentant Lover in the Courtroom: An Analysis of Emotions in the Oscar Pistorius Trial”

7-8 October:
- Hum/Sam-Psyk Symposium

21-22 October:
- Retreat at Gimo Herrgård

29 October:
- Lars Sjödin, ”Reason Matters –Drinking Motives and Their Association to Heavy Episodic Drinking Among Swedish Youth” 
- Philip Creswell,“Emotion Work as a Cost of Participation in Activism”

20 November (Wednesday!):
- Professor Susie Scott,University of Sussex, joint with higher seminar.

10 December:
- Grant Application Seminar

Spring 2019

19th of March: Start-up meeting
9th of April: Paper presentation by Stina Fernqvist, Article discussion of theoretical paper
23rd of April: Methodology seminar - Gaining and maintaining access - Cecilia Nordquist & Max Persson 
13-14th of May: Law & Emotions workshop with Professor Susan Bandes
4th of June: Paper Presentation

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