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Upcoming seminars and workshops, autumn 2021.
All seminars held in Zoom unless otherwise announced
Latest update 2021-11-23. 

Spring 2022

8 February (room Segerstedt and Zoom)
- Minissale, A. ‘Legal Pathos, Morality and Justice: the Emotionality sustaining Legal Narratives’ (empirical chapter draft)

1 March (room Segerstedt and Zoom)

22 March (room Segerstedt and Zoom)

5 April (room 3-2028 and Zoom)

26 April (room Segerstedt and Zoom)

17 May (room 3-2028 and Zoom)

7 June (room 3-2028 and Zoom)

Autumn 2021

7 September: 
- Nordquist, Minissale, and Bergman Blix: “Living through the pandemic” (feedback on analysis)
- Methodological discussion – theme ‘emotional data’. Reading: Mia Eriksson ‘Doing violence: Some reflections on research, affects, and ethics’

28 September: 
- Stina Lindegren, Theoretical aspects of shame (datasession) 

7-8 October: 
- Retreat. Theme: “Presentation and Dialogue”

19 October (room 3-2028 and zoom)

9 November (room Segerstedt and zoom)
- Irene van Oorschot, PhD and senior lecturer at Erasmus University College, Erasmus University Rotterdam. “The Law Multiple” (Presentation of research project)

30 November (room Segerstedt and zoom):
- Fernqvist, Flinkfelt and Tegler (paper feedback)

21 December (room 2-0024 and zoom)
- Application seminar

18 January (room Segerstedt and zoom)
- Anita Heber and Tea Fredriksson, Criminology Department, Stockholm University. “Män som brottsoffer? Tre perspektiv på offerskap under rättegångar” (Presentation of research project)

Past activities

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Stina Bergman Blix,
Stefan Sjöström,
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