Attitudes towards religion among Swedish citizens living abroad

Researcher: Erika Willander, Ph.D.  (Church of Sweden's Unit for Analysis)

Funding: Church of Sweden’s Unit of Analysis

Project description: The Institute for Society, Opinion and media (SOM) based at Gothenburg University surveyed in 2014 Swedish citizens living abroad. One part of this survey had questions about religious beliefs and attitudes towards religion. This is interesting because attitudes towards religion among Swedes living abroad has seldom been studied in its own right. Departing from the context that religiosity has been a motivation for moving from Sweden in historical times, this project investigates if Swedes living abroad are more positive towards religion and religiosity than people living in Sweden. Because the group of people living abroad is generally understudied, their religious beliefs and attitudes to religion has not before been investigated. This project is therefore expected to contribute with knowledge to an understudied field where imaginable ideas about differences in relation to the people living in Sweden exists. The principle investigator for the SOM-survey abroad is Maria Solevid at the University of Gothenburg.