Couples that Live with Dementia

Primary Investigator: Anita Wejbrandt, MSsc.


This doctoral project is concerned with relationship satisfaction and dementia. Within the dissertation there is both a qualitative study (interviews) and a quantitative study (questionnaire) where the spouses of persons with developing dementia participate. The dissertation project contributes to an increased understanding of the experience and relationship satisfaction of spouses during different phases of the development of dementia and pertaining to different contextual areas like, for example, communication, activity and care.

Grants: The project is funded via a faculty financed doctoral position awarded to the Department of Sociology by Uppsala University’s Faculty of Social Sciences

Advisors: Prof. Gunhild Hammarström (Uppsala University),Marianne Winqvist, Ph.D. (Research and Development for Uppsala County) and Prof. Rafael Lindqvist (Uppsala University)