The New Meanings of Social Citizenship: On Activation and Medicalization in National Insurance

Primary investigator: Prof. Rafael Lindqvist

Collaborators: Associatate Prof. Jörgen Lundälv (Dept. of Social Work, Gothenburg University)

Grant: The Swedish Research Council

A general aim of this project is to analyze the forms for and consequences of the changing set of rights and obligations that are the base of the “activation”  and national insurance policies aimed at the longtime ill. This project thereby touches on the meaning of social citizenship as it has been developed within the realm of welfare policy that shifts increasing responsibility to the individual. 

The more specific aims of this project are to analyze:

  • Which types of employment and what evaluative grounds are actually used when the Swedish Social Insurance Agency [Försäkringskassan] and the Swedish Unemployment Office [Arbetsförmedlingen] assess the ability to work of the longtime ill? 

  • Which actors become involved in this process? Which aspects are central for each respective actor and to what degree are there different views on the ability to work? 

  • What are the consequences for the insured when the emphasis shifts from the evaluation of a sickness, to the (potential) capacity to work and judgments of employability?