Caring for dying patients with migrant background: A study on how institutional categorization is negotiated by health care professionals in end-of-life care

Primary investigator: Pernilla Ågård, MSSc.

This dissertation taps into the space that opens up at the intersection between the study of ethnic relations and the study of interaction between health care professionals and their patients. The dissertation focus is on the understandings of caring for dying patients with migrant background that are voiced by health care professionals, and especially the negotiations that take place when these workers discuss what this this care entails. With its micro sociological approach this dissertation brings attention not only to what these workers say but how they say it. Pernilla’s dissertation is part of an interdisciplinary project on caring for dying patients in which sociologists and a medical doctor specializing in palliative care collaborate.

Grant: The project is financed by a faculty financed position awarded to the Department of Sociology by Uppsala University’s Faculty of Social Sciences

Advisors: Prof. Sandra Torres & Prof. Hannah Bradby (both at Uppsala University)