Children’s participation in risk assessment interviews

Investigator (sub project): Clara Iversen, PhD (Uppsala University). The sub project is a part of the project iRiSk of which Professor Anders Broberg (University of Gothenburg) is the primary investigator. 

Project Description: Today’s child protection work in Sweden does not include systematic assessment of the needs of children who are exposed to domestic violence. The current study is part of a project which explores the feasibility of implementing risk- and protection assessments within a number of agencies such as child psychiatry units, child protection units, and sheltered housing for abused women. During a limited period of time, such agencies introduce risk assessment interviews with children. The sub project examines children’s participation in these audio recorded assessments by analyzing how children manage leading elements in questions, how interviewers respond to children’s initiating actions, and conditions for interviewers to validate children’s experiences of violence. 

Funding: The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden