Ongoing projects - Health and social care

Encountering Vulnerability: Exploring Everyday Interaction in Sheltered Housing
Primary investigator: Richard Johansson, MSsc

Caring for dying patients with immigrant backgrounds and their families: do understandings of cross-cultural interaction and ethnic ‘Otherness’ play a role?
Primary Investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres

Media representations of ethnic ‘Otherness’ in elderly care: a comparative study of Swedish and Finnish daily press reporting on migration, ethnicity and culture-related issues within the context of elderly care from 1995-2008
Primary Investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres

Caring for dying patients with migrant background: A study on how institutional categorization is negotiated by health care professionals in end-of-life care
Primary investigator: Pernilla Ågård, MSSc

Making sense of suicide: communicative suicide prevention based on help-seekers’ and volunteers’ meaning making on a suicide helpline
Primary investigator: Ph.D. Clara Iversen

Strengthen Community Based Care to minimize health inequalities and improve the integration of vulnerable migrants and refugees into local communities (MigHealthCare)
Primary investigator: Professor Hannah Bradby.

Understanding racism in healthcare: Developing and implementing anti-racist strategies through shared knowledge production and evaluation
Primary investigator: Professor Hannah Bradby.

Speaking of money: Problem presentation, service and response when families with children call the Social Insurance Agency (2016-2018)
Primary investigator and contact person for project: Marie Flinkfeldt Ph.D.

Children’s participation in risk assessment interviews
Investigator (sub project): Clara Iversen, Ph.D.

Understanding Racialised Discrimination in Health Care through Shared Knowledge Production
Primary Investigator: Sarah Hamed, DDS, MSc