Completed projects - The Welfare reserach group

This page presents the research group's completed projects.

Disability Research (projects conducted by senior researchers)

DISCIT, Making Persons with Disabilities Full Citizens
Projektansvarig: Prof. Rafael Lindqvist

Social Movements Claims and Public Responsibility: Gender, Ethnicity, Disability, Sexuality, and the Politics of Needs.                                                                                    Primary investigator: Docent Agneta Hugemark


This is not citizenship. Analysing the claims of disability activists in Sweden
Primary investigator: PhD Marie Sépulchre

Social Gerontological Studies: Elderly People, Aging and Elderly Care (projects conducted by senior researchers)

Lifestyle discussions in medical encounters with older people                                  Investigator (sub project): Clara Iversen, Ph.D.

Older people, new media
Primary investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres 

Identifying needs in elderly clients with migrant backgrounds: are understandings of cross-cultural interaction, ethnic 'Otherness' and gender relevant for need assessment practice?
Primary Investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres

The Globalization of International Migration: Perspectives on Challenges for Social Gerontological Research
Primary Investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres

Elderly Care in a Globalized World: a Study of Cross-cultural Interaction in the Context of Swedish Elderly Care
Primary Investigator: Prof. Sandra Torres

Communication in consultations with elder persons and care professionals – A matter of professional and institutional culture
Primary investigator: Ulla Hellström Muhli

The Effects of Interactions with Dogs in Eldercare                                                   Primary investigator: Associate Prof. Ulla Hellström Muhli

Welfare and inequality within the health and social care sector and in schools (projects conducted by senior researchers)

Children in Addiction Environments
Primary investigator: Karin Alexandersson, Ph.D.

Coordinated Support for Children and Parents in Families with Addiction Problems
Primary investigator: Karin Alexandersson, Ph.D.

Child and Youth Participation/ Involvement in Social Child Care                                    Primary investigator: Karin Alexandersson, Ph.D.

The Janus Face of Self-actualization – Explaining and Preventing Women’s Work Related Mental Illness
Primary investigator: Elin Thunman, Ph.D.

Teachers without Borders: The Ethical Challenges of the Use of Social Network Websites for Pupil Contact                                                                                          Primary investigator: Elin Thunman, Ph.D.

Superdiversity and navigating healthcare pathways                                                       
Primary Investigators: Prof. Hannah Bradby (Uppsala University), Dr Kristine Krause (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity), Prof. Gill Green and Dr Charlie Davison (Essex University)