Ongoing projects - Inequality

The New Meanings of Social Citizenship: On Activation and Medicalization in National Insurance                                                                                                                    
Primary investigator: Prof. Rafael Lindqvist

Women survivors of female genital mutilation/cutting as ambassadors of Change: A participatory action research for eradication of FGM/C in Somaliland
Primary investigator: Beth Maina Ahlberg

Sexual and Gender-based Violence in the Refugee Crisis: Vulnerabilities, Inequalities and Responses                                                                                                                    
Primary investigator: Prof. Jenny Phillimore and Prof. Hannah Bradby

Strengthen Community Based Care to minimize health inequalities and improve the integration of vulnerable migrants and refugees into local communities (MigHealthCare)  
Primary investigator: Professor Hannah Bradby

Understanding racism in healthcare: Developing and implementing anti-racist strategies through shared knowledge production and evaluation                                                   
Primary investigator: Professor Hannah Bradby.

The Diversity Barometer: A Panel-Based Investigation of Attitudes
Primary investigator: Associate Prof. Irving Palm

The different aspects of health: Relations between mortality, morbidity, functional status and subjective health in European populations
Primary investigator: Professor Ilkka Henrik Mäkinen

Understanding Racialised Discrimination in Health Care through Shared Knowledge Production                                                                                                                       
Primary Investigator: Sarah Hamed, DDS, MSc

The social meaning of disability discrimination. A comparative study of Sweden and the US
Primary investigator: Marie Sépulchre