The Welfare Research Group

The research group's focus

The Welfare research group brings together scholars with a wide variety of theoretical and methodological expertise and a shared interest in problematizing and exploring issues and posing research questions pertaining to welfare related matters, such as inequality, diversity, and social in/exclusion. Group members conduct research focusing on, among other things, the power dynamics of institutional settings, patients/clients within health care and social welfare, as well as on implications of policy and practice in these areas. 


Sandra Torres,
Matilda Hellman,
Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Box 624, SE-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden

Group members

The group's history


Health and social care

Critical studies

See below for a list of publications, external grants, completed projects and defended dissertations. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about our work!

The Social Gerontology Group

This research group is at part of the Welfare and Life-course research group and builds on a tradition from 1976. The Social Gerontology Group aims to gather the social gerontological expertise that is found at the Department of Sociology of Uppsala University in order to raise awareness of social gerontological issues at the department, the university at large as well as amongst policy makers and practitioners who work on aging and old age issues. The group is constituted of established social gerontologists who are affiliated to other universities and conduct research in a variety of social gerontological topics as well as researchers working on these topics at this department. This means that the members of this group – irrespective of their university or research affiliation – have all expertise on aging, old age and elderly care even if they approach these topics in different ways.

Follow this link to the Social Gerontology group for more information and publications.

Last modified: 2023-08-23