Research groups

To a considerable extent research at the Department of Sociology is organised in the form of research groups, that serve as platforms for exchange of thaughts and for coordination of activities. Group coordinators are , Hannah Bradby and Sandra Torres (Welfare and Life-course), Tora Holmberg (Cultural Matters Group) And Patrik Aspers (The Uppsala Laboratory of Economic Sociology).

Welfare and Life course

The Research Group on Welfare and Life course was established then and brings together researchers who work on welfare-related issues and the implications that these have to the life course. Researchers in this research group conduct studies that explore the numerous ways in which class, gender, age and disability can impact the life course.

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Cultural Matters Group (CMG)

Cultural sociology is a broad international field, and holds at its heart a belief that culture as a system of meaning, materiality and practice is a sphere and a force that should be studied in its own right.

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The Uppsala Laboratory of Economic Sociology

Understanding the economy is central to understanding social life. The Uppsala Laboratory of Economic Sociology investigates this link between the economic and the social to produce new knowledge for economic sociologists, social scientists, and the public.

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Emotion – Justice – Interaction (EmoJI)

This research group engages in three themes that are central to social science research: Emotion, Justice, and Interaction. The research group aims to promote and conduct research on these themes separately and in conjunction, theoretically, empirically and methodologically.

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