Emeritus Centennial Distinguished Professor of Law Susan Bandes visited Uppsala University on a Fulbright Expert Award in collaboration with the JUSTEMOTIONS project 13-17 May. During her stay, Professor Bandes took part in a workshop (see below), held seminars, lectures and advice the research project.

JUSTEMOTIONS organized a workshop on LAW & EMOTION - Empathy, Objectivity and Remorse, 13-14 May in Engelska parken, Uppsala University. For pdf program, click here. For pictures, click here

Bergman Blix was invited to present ”Professionella emotioner i domstol” (Professional emotions in court), Rättsstatens vänner, March 27.

Bergman Blix was invited to present “Att döma med känsla – Ett hot eller löfte för den demokratiska rättsstaten?” (Judging with feeling - a threat or promise to democratic rule of law?), at Samtal i Humanistiska teatern, Uppsala University, March 20. 

Bergman Blix was invited to present “Emotions in Court: Exploring judicial emotion management and decision-making”, Law Faculty. University of Bologna, Italy, March 13.


Bergman Blix was invited to present “Doing and Showing Justice: Exploring emotions in judicial decision-making”, Edinburgh Law School/Strathclyde Law School, November 20. 

Bergman Blix was invited to present “Professional Emotions in Court: A Sociological Perspective”, Department of Law, Uppsala University, Oct. 18.

Bergman Blix was invited to present  “The Construction of Objectivity” at ERC Celebration, Swedish Research Council, May 18.