The Shit Project, konstpromenad 4 september

Välkommen på en konstpromenad längs Sigtunaån i Gnesta i samband med Gnesta Konstrunda lördag 4 september kl. 10-17. Samtal med forskare Tora Holmberg kl. 14: Gnissel i maskineriet? Om spillvattenhantering i Sverige. The Shit Project är ett konst- och forsknings projekt mellan sju konstnärer från Fungus Kingdoms ateljéer i Gnesta och fyra forskare från Uppsala Universitet som arbetar med forskning kring avlopp, reningsverk och matavfall i projektet “Waste Values”. Se affisch för mer information om dagen.  

Waste, Work and Values Symposium 11-12th of May 2021

Waste values - events

The Waste, Work and Values Symposium is a 1,5 day long online event to meet other waste studies scholars and discuss ongoing research and networking possibilities. The aim of the symposium is twofold: The first day focuses on presentations of current academic work. Day two is devoted to planning and initiating future research activities with participants and colleagues. 

There is a growing amount of interest and traction, within the social science and humanities, in waste research. Scholars are unpacking, detailing and exploring the many ways in which various kinds of wastes get enrolled in and partake in society. However, there are few venues and outlets for social science work that is geared towards these questions. This workshop aims to gather forces around issues to do with the values and valuations that are associated with wastes. We want to ask how discarded, insignificant and worthless materials get caught up in and transformed through practices that aim at creating value. We want to examine the work, the energy and the efforts that contribute along the way. And we wish to look ahead – to where waste research in the social sciences is heading, what questions we need to ask, what concerns we may address in the future.

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