Urban Sociology Research Group (USRG)

The USRG consists of all the members of the IBF (Institute for Housing and Urban Research) that participate at the Department of Sociology on a regular basis –through teaching, research, seminars, supervision, and administration.  Other interested scholars and PhD researchers are welcome to join the group too.

In particular, we conceive of urban sociology as a sub-discipline of a broad multidisciplinary field often referred to as ‘urban studies’, but also a quite relevant one within sociology and social sciences in general since their inception. We are interested in questions such as: How is the urban space produced and reproduced according to specific social groups and processes? What kind of social, cultural, political, and economic contexts shape the ways people use, produce, consume, transform, and conceive spaces? To what extent do urban phenomena contribute to understanding broad social transformations throughout history? 

Accordingly, the USRG members have added their sociological perspective to numerous topics such as:

  • Urban and housing  movements
  • Urban and housing policies
  • Urban planning and change
  • Urban history
  • Economic globalisation and inequality
  • Local welfare services
  • Vulnerable and marginalised groups in urban areas
  • Public space
  • Gentrification, socio-spatial segregation, and displacement
  • Commodification and financialisation of housing
  • Touristification, city branding, and place making
  • Citizens’ participation
  • Class, gender, and ethnicity in urban areas
  • Social groups, youth, family, and space
  • Communities and neighbourhoods
  • Housing alternatives
  • Schooling

The USRG holds internal meetings at least twice a semester in order to share their current activities and academic concerns. We also propose one sociologist speaker at the IBF seminars at least once a term, and an urban sociologist speaker at the Department of Sociology at least once a year. Additionally, we promote workshops or conferences every year.

Ongoing projects