The Uppsala Laboratory of Economic Sociology

Understanding the economy is central to understanding social life. The Uppsala Laboratory of Economic Sociology investigates this link between the economic and the social to produce new knowledge for economic sociologists, social scientists, and the public. Our research both considers questions drawn from classical economic sociology and examines apparently non-economic issues; researchers in the Lab represent diverse theoretical and methodological traditions, with particular strengths in ethnographic, historical, and case study methods.

Our central areas of study have been markets and valuation, with both theoretical and empirical studies focused on markets such as those for housing, aesthetic objects, creativity, and natural resources. Valuation has to date been a central issue in our work. Key words common across our papers include terms like:

  • Theory development
  • Uncertainty
  • Value
  • Coordination
  • Markets
  • Organization
  • Networks
  • Capitalism
  • Work
  • Culture
  • Qualitative research
  • Comparative research

The Lab is structured around a set of key activities: research collaborations, internal seminars, invited guests, workshops, and conferences; of course, we also write academic papers – both single-authored and coauthored. We offer courses in economic sociology and, for students admitted to the Department of Sociology, Ph.D. supervision. The group encourages master students at the department who are interested in economic sociology to participate in the seminars. We welcome visiting students and researchers to Uppsala for long and short visits. We invite you to take part in our lively seminars and workshops; recent guests have included Jens Beckert, Bruce Carruthers, Gary Alan Fine, Wendy Espeland, Heather Haverman, Neil Fligstein, Ursula Mense Peterman, Uwe Schimank, David Stark, and Richard Swedberg.

For further details about ongoing projects and past publications, see member homepages.

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