Specialised teams as organisational approaches to violence in close relationships

Primary investigator: Maria Eriksson, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College.

Participating researchers: Ann-Sofie Bergman, Uppsala University, Karin Robertsson, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College.

Funding: Forte.

Duration: 2020-2022.

Project description: The aim of the project is to explore organisational, legal, institutional and professional aspects of the introduction of specialised violence teams within local authority social services. Special attention is given to factors aiding or undermining professional cooperation within the teams as well as between the teams and other parts of the social services. Further, to the possible positive and negative effects of this way of organising violence work for staff as well as service users, as perceived by professionals, managers, and service users. Two different team models teams are studied: the RVC (Relationship Violence C entre) within the C ity of Stockholm, and the VINR – teams (Violence in Close Relationships) formed by some of the local authorities in the Södertörn area. Between four and six teams are selected as cases.

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