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Upcoming seminars and workshops, autumn 2020
All seminars held in Zoom unless otherwise announced
Latest update 2020-09-25

1 September
After work, short intro/info, informal socializing

22 September
- Marie Flinkfeldt, Stina Fernqvist and Helena Tegler, “Parents talking about violence with the Social Insurance Agency”: Project outline and data session
- Petter Ingemarsson and Linn Egeberg Holmgren: Inspirational activity 

5-6 October
Retreat via Zoom (creative writing with Ann Eberstein and more)

22 October
- Alessandra Minissale, Method paper draft: paper feedback
- Methodological discussion

10 November
- Yên Mai, “Cultivating the felt identity in activism”: paper feedback
- Hilda Näslund, Umeå University, “Personalising service user engagement: Entrepreneurs and membership organisations in the mental health sector”:  presentation of PhD thesis

1 December
- Hedvig Gröndal, Maritha Jacobsson and Stefan Sjöström: ”Myter om våldtäktsmyter”: paper feedback
- Åsa Wettergren, Moa Bladini, and Sara Uhnoo, University of Gothenburg, “Rape or consent? Effects of the new rape legislation on legal reasoning and practice”: presentation of research project

18 December (Note: Friday)
- Emma Laurin: “long-term school absence” (hemmasittare)
- Followed by AW

19 January
- Max Persson: paper feedback

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