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Upcoming seminars and workshops, autumn 2019

17 September
Alexandra Macht, “Performing the Repentant Lover in the Courtroom: An Analysis of Emotions in the Oscar Pistorius Trial”

7-8 October 
HumSamPsyk Symposium

21-22 October 
Retreat at Gimo Herrgård

29 October 
Lars Sjödin, ”Reason Matters – Drinking Motives and Their Association to Heavy Episodic Drinking Among Swedish Youth” & Philip Creswell, “Emotion Work as a Cost of Participation in Activism.”

20 November (Wednesday!) 
Professor Susie Scott, University of Sussex, “"The heart of nothing: counterfactual emotions in personal stories of non-doing, non-being and non-having." Joint with higher seminar.

10 December 
Grant Application Seminar

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