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Upcoming seminars and workshops.
All seminars are held in Segerstedtrummet (2-1026) unless otherwise announced
Latest update 2023-04-13. 

Spring 2023

24 January:
- Research grant drafts feedback: Alessandra, Hanna, Stefan and Stina

14 February:
- Anna Lyngfeldt, University of Gothenburg:  Bridging ‘as is’ and ‘as if’ by reading fiction in ethics education

7 March: 
- Paper feedback: Stefan Sjöström and Maritha Jacobsson: Attribution of guilt in victim interrogations in court - comparing rape, assault and fraud
- Paper feedback: Cecilia Nordquist: Empirical chapter from PhD Thesis

28 March:
- Presentation: Anita Heber and Tea Fredriksson, Stockholm University, “Men as Victims? Victimhood in the Courtroom from Three Perspectives”

26 April: 
-  Assoc. Prof. James Patrick Williams, School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: "Symbolic Interactionism and the Digitalization of Everyday Life". See more information about the workshop here.

9 May:
-Paper Feedback: Stina Lindegren: “Looping disruption: a relational mechanism enhancing treatment readiness among individuals convicted of sexual offending”
-Discussion: Mari Todd-Kvam and Stina Lindegren: “Doing research with people who perpetrate violence: reflecting on emotional and ethical issues”

30 May: 
- Gabriele Cerati

Past activities

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