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Upcoming seminars and workshops.
All seminars are held in Segerstedtrummet (2-1026) unless otherwise announced. Click here to join the seminar in Zoom.
Latest update 2023-09-13. 

Autumn 2023

22 August:
- Stina Lindegren – paper feedback: “Help-seeking for problems related to sexual offending prior to offense/conviction”
- Planning for the coming year

12 September:
- Clara Iversen – paper feedback: “Responding to third party callers in suicide preventive telephone services”

9-10 October: 
- Retreat at Krusenberg Herrgård – theme: “writing academically in English as a second language writer”

24 October:
- Anna Khanukaeva – chapter feedback: ”Games and passion”
- Discussion around pod-episode Still Processing: On apologies

14 November: 
- Stina Bergman Blix – paper feedback: “Digitalisation of legal decision-making – taking context, collaboration, and common sense into account”
- Feedback on grant application ideas

5 December: 
- Visit to Uppsala City Library to experience “I am thinking of you”
- Joint AW/dinner

23 January: 
- Clara Iversen: Digitalt emotionsarbete i äldreomsorgen

Past activities

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Clara Ivsersen,

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