Sociology 2020/2021

Sociology studies society as a whole. This means that it studies the global, political and economic development of society, as well as the varied conditions, values and identities of the individuals within society. Sociology thus explains the everyday problems of individuals by putting them into a wider social context. Of particular interest is the study and explanation of changes in and the current condition of society.

Sociology is a core discipline in social science, whose theories and methods are used within many other disciplines, such as Political Science and Economy. Sociology is also divided into sub disciplines studying parts of society. For example Social Psychology, Culture Sociology, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Work and Organisation Sociology.

The opening course (A) provides a general introduction to the field of Sociology, then proceed with the studying of how modern identities, lifestyles and cultures are shaped and formed. In the subsequent courses (B and C) the students will further explore Sociological problems, theories and methods.

Studies in Sociology provide particular competence for working with research and evaluation projects; participate in surveys and performing analyses.

Sociology is also offered as courses with a focus on Work, Organisation and Personnel (AOP), which may be taken as individual courses or as part of the Bachelor Programme in Human Resource Management and Working Life. Following a general introduction to Sociology the opening course (AOP-A) will introduce the field of Work and Organisation Sociology. The subsequent courses (AOP-B and C) will further explore the problems, theories and methods of Management and Organisation

Sociology cannot be included in a degree together with Sociology (AOP) or Social Psychology.

From autumn semester 2013, the course Sociology and Social Psychology A qualifies for both Sociology B and Social Psychology B.


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