Social Psychology 2016/2017

Social Psychology studies individuals through their role in and relation to society as a whole. Social Psychology thus recognises people as primarily social beings, to whom communication with others is of critical importance. Individuals and society are seen as being opposite sides of the same coin, and consequently in perpetual change. Of particular interest is how the individuals’ thoughts, feelings, actions, and views of themselves are formed and developed through their relations to others, but also how society is recreated and changed through the actions of individuals.

Social Psychology also studies how the preconditions for the development of identities change over time, between different groups, and types of societies.

The opening course (A) gives a general introduction to the field of Sociology and Social Psychology, proceeding with the studying of how modern identities, lifestyles and cultures are formed and develop. In the subsequent courses (B and C) the students will further explore the problems, theories and methods of Social Psychology.
Studies in Social Psychology provide particular competence for working with research, evaluations, group processes, management, and treatments.

Social Psychology cannot be included in a degree together with Sociology or Sociology (AOP).

From autumn semester 2013, the course Sociology and Social Psychology A qualifies for both Sociology B and Social Psychology B.


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