How to apply?


There are basic as well as specialist qualifications in order to be considered for the doctoral program.  To meet the basic qualifications applicants must have a degree at an advanced level, or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge or experience. This means that an applicant must have at least 90 credits in sociology, or in an equivalent subject. It is up to applicants to demonstrate the equivalence of their qualifications or experience to these requirements. To be accepted, the applicant must be deemed to have the capacity to finish the program. 

The application must include:

1. Form of application, for more information click here.
2. An attested copy of relevant degree(s).
3. Research plan (see below)
4. Copies of texts that illustrate one’s abilities (theses, articles etc.)

Research plan:

The research plan – which should be short at about 2,000 words – should address the sociological interests on which the proposed dissertation will focus. The plan should briefly review previous research, formulate a research problem and aim, and present the potential theoretical perspectives and methodological starting points. The applicants will be ranked based on the quality of the research plan and the materials that they submit with their applications. The research plan is used not only to test the applicants’ capacity to structure a research project (in relation to sociological theory and existing research as well as decide on appropriate methods to answer the research questions that the plan poses), but also to get an idea of the applicant’s research interest. For more information about the research plan click here and follow this link for more information about the evaluation of the submitted material.


Admission will be based on an evaluation of the applicant’s capacity to successfully finish the program. The evaluation is based on the texts and the research plan that are submitted. Individual interviews may be used as well.

Economic conditions:

Successful candidates will be awarded employment as doctoral candidates for a full period of four years. Salary will be paid according with the guidelines of Uppsala University.