Doctoral Program at the Department of Sociology

The doctoral program includes courses and active participation in one or several of the seminar series, chaired by Professors and Associate Professors.

Research at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, covers a broad range of areas and approaches. This variety in theoretical and methodological perspectives has helped to produce a vivid and creative research environment.

Directors of Graduate Studies:
Miguel Martínez, Professor
telephone: + 46 18 471 65 45

Ann-Sofie Bergman, Associate Professor

See also Handbook for doctoral students.

The curriculum for doctoral studies can be found at the Faculty of Social Science.

Doctoral Research positions

Departmental doctoral researchers are appointed every other year. We have intermittent project-funded positions which are announced on the University website. The Department seeks to appoint up to four candidates autumn 2022. Click here to apply

Job subscription

If you are interested in current information about vacant PhD positions and other positions at Uppsala University, then signup for Job subscription. By registering with job subscription you will be sent an email when there is a vacant job in the area or areas of your choice. Please note that you do not automatically become a candidate for a new position, but must actively submit an application for each position. 

Last modified: 2022-01-12