Thesis defense June 2: Azril Bacal Roij


Azril Bacal Roij is defending his doctoral thesis May 7. The title of his thesis is: Ethno-Politics: The Consequences of Ethnic Discrimination for Latino Ethnic Identity Orientation and Ethno-Mobilization. The defense takes place Wednesday June 2 at 9.15 am in Zoom. 

Opponent: Professor Manuela Boatca, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.
Chair of the defense: Docent Susanne Urban, Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF), Uppsala University.
Members of the grading committee:
Docent Barzoo Eliassi, Department of Social Work, Linnaeus University.
Professor Kristina Boréus, Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University. 
Stand-in opponent: Professor Fereshteh Ahmadi, University of Gävle.

Language at defense: English.

Click here to join the defense in Zoom.