Karin Alexanderson and Elisabet Näsman have received a grant from the Public Health Agency of Sweden


Karin Alexanderson and Elisabet Näsman have received a grant of 1.1 million SEK to write a book for students and practitioners about children growing up in families with parental substance abuse. The work is to be finished during spring 2019 and is financed by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The book will be based on two prior research projects, BIM and Skol-BIM, concerning children in environments with substance abuse and the schools’ support of children from environments with substance abuse. All in all, 50 children between 7 and 19 years from families with parental substance abuse, and 21 parents with substance abuse issues were interviewed in both projects. The interviews included thematic questions about how the parental substance abuse have affected the family’s situation and their experiences of societal support as well as the kind of support they would have wanted from the school and the social services. In parallel, development work has been done with professionals from social services and schools, resulting in valuable experiences. The studies can be regarded as complements to earlier register data research, pointing at a correlation between growing up with parental substance abuse and problems later in life with school attendance, work, providing, and mental health.

The writing will commence 2017 and is estimated to continue until spring 2019.