Open PhD position


Uppsala Antibiotic Center is funding 14 PhD projects starting 2017, all relating to antibiotics and the fight against antibiotic resistance. Three in Humanities and Social Sciences, four in Science and Technology and seven in Medicine and Pharmacy.

These 14 PhD projects have been selected among 43 projects of impressive quality, submitted to Uppsala Antibiotic Center from a wide variety of scientific fields. The project applications were reviewed and ranked by internationally renowned reviewers.

One position is offerd at the department of Sociology whitin the project:

Antibiotic usage and reduction strategies in diverse populations of healthcare users and healthcare professionals

A qualitative exploration of the social meanings of antibiotics in diverse populations of healthcare professionals who are also patients to inform reduction strategies. Sources of information and advice used by antibiotic-users in Sweden are mapped, reviewed and written up. This mapping is used as the basis to devise a sampling strategy for narrative interviews with diverse individuals who are medically trained, with experience or education in Sweden and elsewhere and have experience of using antibiotics. These reflective and interrogative interviews will examine when values that are avowed in general are contravened by actual behaviour. Qualitative analysis of these moments will be used to devise strategies to inform a reduction of antibiotic usage strategy and validated through focus group discussions. While qualitative methodology is emergent, with each phase being determined by the results of the previous phase, it is anticipated that these strategies will be piloted in a limited number of case studies and subject to a qualitative evaluation.

PI: Hannah Bradby

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