2015-04-08 Seminar with Professor Joseph Kotarba


Are Baby Boomer Rock 'n' Roll Fans a Universal Phenomenon?

A Comparative Analysis of American & Swedish Early Rock 'n' Roll Scenes

Place: Torgny Segerstedt-room (2-1026)

Day: Thursday 16 April 2015

Time: 14-16

Main speaker at the seminar is Professor Joseph Kotarba, Texas State University. Professor Kotarba is a Fulbright guest-researcher at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University.

He is visiting Uppsala in connection with a collaborative teaching project involving the project work of students from the two departments of sociology in Texas and Uppsala.

The project is designed as a comparative socio-psychological study involving Sweden and United States intended to cast light upon and gain an understanding of adult cultural experiences, with a focus on the role music plays in people's lives. Of particular interest are the experiences with music throughout the lives of people who belong to one and the same age group in different countries and socio-cultural settings. The project was inspired by Professor Kotarba's recent book about North American Baby Boomer Rock 'n' Roll Fans. It represents an effort to, on the one hand, provide participating students with the opportunity to gain experience in research and to contribute to an on-going research project, and, on the other, provide the foundation for a further articulation, extension, and validation of the initial model.