Upplevelse och beläggande av skuld i domstolsförhandlingar – en jämförande studie av våldtäkt, misshandel och bedrägeri

Projektledare: Maritha Jacobsson.

Finansiering: Forte.

Projektbeskrivning: People experiencing crime commonly have feelings of guilt. Several scholars draw attention to the effects of victims’ interaction with professionals within the legal system. Public as well as scholarly debates suffer from the fact that various definitions of guilt and blame are intermingled.

This project aims to investigate the relation between the perception of guilt of crime victims and discursive practices that attribute blame during court hearings.

Interviews with crime victims and professional participants are compared withrecorded interrogations from court hearings. The project compares three common types of crime: rape, assault and fraud to represent  variation in the relation between offender-victim, conceptions about gender and types of violence. The comparative design provides an opportunity to develop theory regarding how guilt operates in relation to different types of crime, and also with regards to the gender of the victim.

Senast uppdaterad: 2021-03-03