PODCAST: Cesar´s seminar series: Interactions between clients and professionals

In this podcast series Cesar´s doctoral students, speaks with some of internationally recognized scholars in Social work on the theme:“My personal journey toward becoming a scholar in Social work: Contributions, challenges, and regrets”.

This series will equip you with a plethora of valuable knowledge about how international social work as research area have develop.

Episodes: six.
First episode 2 march 2021 and last 29 april 2021.
Editor: Dominik Döllinger.
A podcast produced by: Cesar, Centre for Social Work, Department of Sociology, Uppsala university.

Episode 1: Professor Sven Hessle (SWE) interviewed by doctoral student Stina Lindegren
Episode 2: Professor Lena Dominelli (UK) interviewed by doctoral student Sivan Gal Rosberg
Episode 3: Professor Malcolm Payne (UK) interviewed by doctoral student Henrik Karlsson
Episode 4: Professor Richard Barth (USA) interviewed by doctoral student Johan Fagerberg
Episode 5: Professor Karen Healy (AUS) interviewed by doctoral student Sivan Gal Rosberg
Episode 6: Professor Elizabeth Stokoe (UK) interviewed by doctoral student Frida Höglund

CESAR hosts seminars in collaboration with the Department of Sociology:

Higher level seminars take place on Wednesdays from 14:00–16:00.
At present, most of CESAR’s researchers are active members of the Emotion-Justice-Interaction and the Welfare research teams. 

Last modified: 2021-06-18