Research at CESAR

Many research projects are carried out at the Centre for Social Work (CESAR). All of these projects have a close connection to social work practice through touching on social problems, their causes and their consequences for individuals, groups and society as a whole. CESAR is home to a number junior and senior researchers with a range of theoretical and methodological approaches. Our research projects cover subjects that lie at the core of social work such as vulnerability among children and families, different forms of violence, mental illness, the elderly and their care, conversations in social work, the work of the social services, disabilities, and legal processes.

Research at CESAR takes place in cooperation with colleagues in the Department of Sociology. The joint research environment has a clear international character, and it is organised into four research groups.

The tabs on this page provide you with an overview of CESAR’s research. More detailed descriptions can be found on each employee’s profile page.

Last modified: 2021-06-18