Welcome to the Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology at Uppsala University is  the oldest of its kind in Sweden. Its main subjects are Sociology and Social psychology. Undergraduate education is also offered in Sociology with Orientation towards Work, Organization and Human Resource Management, and Social work.

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About the Department

Without confinement to any specific areas or themes sociologists engage in social science basic research. In doing so  methods and theories aimed at the studying, understanding and explaining of social phenomena are developed.
Research and education at the Department of Sociology reflects this span and diversity. Here you will meet teachers and researchers who focus on areas like work, children, economics, gender, disability, self conceptualisations, networking, fashion, organization, urban life, sexuality, technology or aging.

Each semester about five hundred students are engaged in undergraduate studies, either as enrolled in any of the programmes hosted by the department, or in any of the numerous single subject courses, which can also be included, as compulsory or elective courses, in programmes hosted by other departments.

At the department Master studies can be carried out through single subject courses or through the Master programme in Social sciences.

The department staff comprises a total of about fifty researchers, teachers and administrators. Through the graduate programme, each year about five doctoral dissertations are completed.

History in brief

In june 2022, the department celebrated 75 year with a jubilee. Read more about the jubilee here and see pictures from the event

Below you can see a short introduction from the Head of Department. 

Last modified: 2024-03-25