Department of Sociology


The following themes summarize the current and near future research performed by members of the group, and provide basis and focus for ongoing as well as planned output.

Cultural production

As stated above, a focus on cultural production of social stratification, relations and identities are at the very core of cultural sociological investigations. Societal and political change as well as stability, rely on the production of meaning, practice and materiality. This may be performed in a number of spheres and arenas, such as science, media, fine art and politics. A focus on cultural production does not, however, delimit the investigations from studying distribution, reception and re-production, investigations that take seriously the agency of cultural agents. Within the theme, different arenas such as internet communities, sport formations, film making, music and medical knowledge practice, are studied.

Bodies and intimacies

It is of great importance to study the meaning and agency of human as well as non-human bodies in order to understand meaning-making, identity, materiality and practice in everyday life. Whether the study concerns moving bodies in dance, or intimacy between bodies in friendship, households and in sexual relations, the embodied and emplaced experiences and conceptualizations involved in processes of hierarchization/ differentiation/othering as well as inclusion/dependency/trust, are at stake. Exploring bodies and intimacies across different arenas from a cultural, intersectional perspective, will add important dimensions to the research field.

Urban spatialization

Classical as well as modern understandings of city life, conceptualize human experience as ambiguous and approach the subject dialectically, taking seriously the tensions and dilemmas that define the modern experience. This dialectic between spatiality and sociality constitutes the basis for the struggle for the right of the city, not only in terms of rights of access but also in terms of appropriation of space for political and commercial reasons, as well as for play. Looking at the ways in which these processes “take place”, projects will focus matters such as handling of waste through legitimate and illegitimate work, bird feeding, graffiti writing and biking.