The Globalization of International Migration:

Perspectives on Challenges for Social Gerontological Research

Primary Investigator: Professor Sandra Torres

Grants: Uppsala University’s Faculty of Social Sciences (since 2010) (Between 2007-2012, this project was part of the Research Programme awarded to NISAL, Linköping University by the Swedish Council of Working Life and Social Research)

This project aims to shed light on the effects that the globalization of international migration has on social gerontological research, policy and practice. The project explores the numerous ways through which mainstream social gerontological theory building, policy making and gerontological practice is challenged as well as the possibilities that these phenomena pose. The project focuses on generating contributions to the social gerontological discussion on globalization and international migration through theoretical papers, empirical studies and methodological reflections. Some of the work produced so far has focused on elderly migrants in Sweden while some have had an European point of departure.